Frequently Asked Questions

General User


How does Weatherist work?

Weatherist is an online weather service that provides users with the most probable forecast for their area.  Unlike traditional weather forecast services, Weatherist reviews forecasts available for a location, grades them and then generates The Most Probable Forecast based off of those grades.  Think "Moneyball for Weather" and you're on the right track.

Traditional weather forecasting is slow, dated and doesn’t provide accountability for the source.  Viewers, users and readers never know how accurate a forecast is going to be or how accurate the forecaster has been in the past.  Having an inaccurate weather forecast after you have already planned an event, outing or activity is incredibly disappointing and doesn’t have any real solutions.

Weatherist solves this problem by aggregating local and national forecasts for a particular area and tracking their accuracy over time.  With this data, a most probable forecast is extracted and delivered to the user.  This forecast is a combination of all the highest rated weather data available in our extensive database. 

Why should I use Weatherist?

We provide you with The Most Probable Forecast, a combination of the most accurate weather data in our database and something you can't find anywhere else on the web.  

What is The Most Probable Forecast?

The Most Probable Forecast is a combination forecast of the most accurate weather data in our database.  Since we grade each forecast metric in our system, we are able to extract the top-rated metrics for each forecaster and generate a new forecast.  We believe that this forecast combines the best-of-the-best forecast data available on the web.

Will I have to pay to view the Most Probable Forecast?

No, never. 

What is the purpose of Weatherist?

Weatherist exists to fill the gap of information that you cannot receive when just viewing one or two weather forecasts.  We add a layer of accountability to the forecasters and provide you with the Most Probable Forecast, a mixed forecast based on the highest rated weather forecasters.  We believe that past performance can help us to understand future performance.

When will there be a mobile app?

Development is underway and we will let you know once it has been completed!

Why isn’t Weatherist working in my browser? works well in all current browsers, but we cannot control how older versions of browsers operate.  If you are having an issue with your browser, please update it to the most current release and that should resolve the problem.

How can I get a data feed from Weatherist?

Contact us at contact(at)  We will work hard to get you the data you need.

How do I advertise on Weatherist?

E-mail contact(at) to hear more about our current advertising rates.

Who started Weatherist?

Three guys, in two states that decided it was time bring a layer of accountability to the weather industry.  We’re not saying that forecasting the weather is an easy job, but we do think some forecasters are clearly better than others.


What happened to user-generated forecasts?

The latest release of Weatherist removed the ability to submit your own forecasts.  If you are interested in submitting your forecasts or data feed, please contact us at contact(at)